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What Our Members Are Saying

  • Armel Perron

    "I started this coaching less than one month ago and I can already say that this is probably the best decision I have ever made in my life.

    Thanks to my coach's extreme patience, for the first time in my life I'm beginning to realise that not only am I learning how to brand myself, but I will soon be able to teach others how to do the same so that they will not have to run after new leads ever again.

    What a concept, talk about a way to brand yourself, of course everyone will be running after me with such value to offer."

    Armel Perron, former Fine Arts Collection CEO, Quebec, Canada

  • Tanesha Watkins

    "Selina Brantley and the Wealth Creations Network Team are absolutely AMAZING!!! They have a genuine desire to see every entrepreneur succeed in building their business.

    The one-on-on coaching that you receive in branding is so personalized, that they make you feel as though you are the only student that matters. It’s a true testament as to why so many people are joining Wealth Creations Network to help launch their business into a new stratosphere�

    Tanesha Watkins, former Law School Administrator, Southfield, Michigan

  • Brenda Kruse

    "WCN has developed a system that truly stands out to assist anyone who desirers a successful home based business without spending thousands of dollars to accomplish it and actually earning extra cash flow while enjoying the education and coaching received."

    Brenda Kruse, former Farming Industry Professional, Leota, Minnesota

  • Deb Bannera

    "I have been with WCN for a little over three years. During this time I had the privilege to experience the kind of online support and dedication that most dream of. Selina, the founder and CEO of WCN has made it possible for newbies and professionals alike to have at their finger tips one of the best platform available for developing online success!

    The website is so user friendly, has all the great tools one needs for success and her generosity made it affordable to all. This is a must have site for anyone who is serious about being a successful online entrepreneur. It doesn't get any better then this.

    Thank you Selina for being a true leader."

    Deb Banners, Minister, Connecticut

  • Darlene Black

    "Wealth Creations Network has allowed me to broaden my knowledge quickly in the Internet marketing, social media world. There is much more to Internet marketing than most people realize... But Within the first five minutes with Coach Carol I was posting educational content to my social media audience.

    Wealth Creations Network also teaches you organizational and helpful computer skills to save time and to keep your computer running smoothly. I have learned all this in just the first four days of joining. Thank you Wealth Creations Network, Selina, and Carol!"

    Darlene Black, Hunington, Pennsylvania

  • James Powell

    "I would like to start by saying thank you so much for your patients, and excellent training in WCN. I have been on the internet for the last 4 years looking for someone like you. I've heard others TELL me they would be there for me... just join my program and I will support you all the way, but it never happens!

    With you it is different you are there when I need you, your teaching is step-by-step and if there is something I do not understand you take the time to make sure I do. And man, I have had a major change since you have come into my internet life. Thank you! Thank you!"

    James Powell, Washington State

  • Victor Shattuk

    "I am very excited to be part of this world changing group, Wealth Creation Network. The jump start coaching showed me that there are many people out there that are interested in getting HELP with Social Media.

    Wealth Creations Network iss helping them see the value of broadcasting a positive yet challenging message on the various platforms . . ."

    Victor Shattuk, former Sales of Capital Equiment for Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Financial Products, Syracuse, New York

  • Peter Graham

    "Today, I had a fantastic qualification session with Selina. I thought I was nifty on the internet and the computer, but I was like the last horse out of the starting gate! I gave Selina permission to take over my screen when I did not understand how to do something (by then I had gained complete trust in her).

    Then my computer became a box of magical tricks before my eyes. I watched in awe as connections were optimized to my Facebook, Twitter and E-mail accounts. The whole session was super informative and of unique high quality. I at last feel more confident of being in the Drivers Seat of my business. I look forwards to learning more."

    Peter Graham, Cambridge, Canada

  • Antonio Lundy

    "When I had my first free one on one coaching session, I knew this was the long sought after networking approach I had been seeking. The WCN Social Media Pro Affiliate experience is the most fulfilling endeavor I have ever encountered in affiliate network marketing. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the training I received with the world class professional coaching I received. I am grateful to be a part of this team."

    Antonio Lundy, Memphis, Tennessee

  • Eddie Nunn

    "WCN is Awesome!! The products and services provided by WCN is exactly what I needed to become a respected internet marketer. And the One-on-One Coaching is the BEST! Each session is a gratifying experience full of positive results."

    Eddie Nunn, Hamilton, Bermuda

  • Michael Norman

    "Wonderful one-on-one - I'm excited, Selina!"

    Michael Norman, Charlottesville, Virginia

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