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From the Desk of Selina C. Brantley
CEO & Founder of Wealth Creations Network
About the Lead Generation, Social Viral Marketing and Training Platform
As CEO and Founder of Wealth Creations Network, my commitment and desire is to provide reliable and effective wealth creation resources you can depend on to grow your online business, and showcase your products and services.

I am also focused on providing a way for you to create multiple streams of cash flow without distracting you from your online offerings.

Through my Magnetic Lead Generation, Social Viral Marketing and Training Platform, you can choose to become a complimentary affiliate, a pro affiliate or an elite affiliate account holder.
Our Exceptional Offerings Include:
A lead generation, social viral system that qualifies, verifies and monetizes (has the potential to pay you instantly -- DAILY) when you simply use it to attract prospects to your wealth creation network.

Social Networking Daily Activities which connect you with targeted prospects who would have a need and desire for your products, services, business or opportunity offerings.

Explosive business-building and wealth creation resources, tools, techniques and strategies to help you create wealth online as quickly as possible.

Live Webinar training, Q&A sessions and video archived lessons that provide cutting edge information and up-to-date marketing techniques.

A Gold Reserve Cooperative and/or Strategy that could create free gold and passive residual cash flow within a month or even less. It also provides a way for you to preserve your wealth in the most affordable way, when you simply trade a portion of your earnings into real money -- Gold!
  Why Join Wealth Creations Network
I believe Wealth Creations Network offers exactly what today's entrepreneur and wealth seeker wants and needs most, an honest and rewarding way to build their business and create a passive residual cash flow, without the costly requirements and distractions so many online opportunities have attached to them.

As someone who has diligently reviewed and worked in network marketing, multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing programs, I decided to design the ultimate platform that could assist any serious-minded entrepreneur with his/her business and wealth creations efforts.

Where most business opportunities fall short is in the "how to attract prospect" area. Many people who are pulled into these programs are really left to fend for themselves when it comes to attracting prospects. When that happens, they end up doing what the masses already do.

This includes setting up a blog or web page, using capture pages, email blasting, buying leads, buying lists, voice broadcasting, and cold calling to name a few.

My experience has shown me that the old ways of marketing mentioned above aren't necessarily the best ways. Those types of marketing strategies not only can get expensive, but they also can be quite frustrating when your results fall short.

Some people are very successful using these old marketing techniques; however, Wealth Creations Network provides a better solution. Rather than chasing after prospects, your prospects will chase after you and DEMAND to hear from you about your offerings when you use my unique magnetic system.

The techniques I show you through our live Webinar training and our advanced one-on-one coaching offerings can prove to you (in one hour or less) that our strategies work quickly, and, they are a sure way of attracting free leads, signups and sales to your online business for life!
  Why I Created Wealth Creations Network
Back in 2008, I lost my $80,000/year job as Marketing Director for a very prominent Wholesale Membership Club. Rather than panic and look at my predicament as a negative, I actually rejoiced and decided to start my own membership club -- Wealth Creations Network.

During my journey, I personally spent thousands of dollars on online education, coaches, mentors, advisors, search engine optimization techniques and strategic marketing solutions. Also, I've had my fair share of deceitful people who said they could and would help me make money only to have them disappear into Internet space with my hard-earned cash.

Most people have looked at my experiences as failures or bad luck. I'm sure they would have quit long ago. However, I looked at my past experiences as stepping stones to success. I chose to learn and move on to my next plan of action.

What I've always known and realized is that where there is a need, there is truly opportunity to provide a solution for that need.

I understood there needed to be an answer for folks who lost their jobs unexpectedly, who found themselves coming closer to retirement and really didon't have enough to retire on, who realized they hated what they were doing and wanted to find a way to earn cash flow doing something they were passionate about, or who simply wanted to stop working for someone else and become an entrepreneur.

Through my personal successes and experiences, Wealth Creations Network is truly the solution for all of the above. My concept has been the same since 2008, but we have continually evolved to stay ahead of the online marketing changes and trends, and also to meet the needs of my ever-growing Wealth Creations Network Membership.

It is truly a gift from God to be allowed to share the resources He has bestowed to Wealth Creations Network.

In business, there is an opportunity to build trust and loyalty, to demonstrate honesty, and to share abundantly. Through Wealth Creations Network, the much-desired result is to teach superior online marketing techniques, provide exceptional one-on-one coaching and live training, and give all of our resources just for the sake of giving, so you in turn can be in the position of financial prosperity and are able to do the same for others.
I Am Looking Forward to Creating Wealth With You!

Selina C. Brantley, CEO & Founder
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